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I love my kids. Gosh, I love my kids. March 11, 2014

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(But I need what I need and I need a lot of what I need and that’s C-O-F-F-E-E…Ralph’s World, The Coffee Song)


Things to remember…

1. Talking to big C a few weeks ago about why her dad doesn’t read very much. She ponders and then replies “Hmm…so I guess I got my intelligence from you then Mommy, and I got my looks from Daddy.”

2. In the car the other night, M pipes up: “You know that picture Daddy has of his mom in the family room? That is nice. When I grow up I want to take the picture of you at your wedding with me.” [This is a picture of me making a muscle in my wedding dress…]

Me and G: “Oh, that is so sweet M!”

Big C: “WAIT! What if I want to take that picture! You didn’t even consider whether I would want it!”

G: “No worries, we can make copies of the picture if you both want one.”

M, upset: “But a copy won’t have that fancy frame!”

Me: “Wait, do you care about the picture? Or the frame?”

M: “Er, the frame.”

3. M and big C made all their own valentine’s cards this year (I pretty much make them do this every year). M made hers on her own one day that G was working and I was at book club, and C was at a friend’s house. She put hours of time into them and decorated each one differently. However, I guess a little more supervision would have been good as at the end of Valentine’s day she told me, “Handing these out was not so fun for me as they kept falling apart.”

4. Falling apart or not, I will treasure the one she made for little C that says “Thank you for being my baby.”

5. Crazy hair day at M’s school the other day and she wanted colored hair all sprayed onto one side. We compromised on a rainbow on top of her head with stuffing clouds. Several attempts at a picture all required flash and all ended up with eyes closed. Since it was M, she also picked out a rainbow shirt, rainbow skirt, and rainbow leggings to wear. Wish I had a picture of the complete outfit!


6. Baby C was finally back on her schedule after our trip when Daylight Savings Time struck. Argh. She is going through a rough time lately—knows what she wants but cannot communicate it well, so a lot of screeching and upset. Here she is, taking blocks out of a bag….they were a little stuck.


But she did get them all out Winking smile

7. Baby C can pull up to standing quite well now and crawl, but won’t walk unless she is holding onto hands. She will walk on her knees behind push toys though—when she isn’t riding them or climbing into them. Still spends a majority of her time scooting—as the shredded butts of several pairs of pants will attest. You may notice a lump on her head in these pictures—she also likes to scoot down the stairs. 


In the last picture she managed to get one of C’s books off the bed and looks like she will start reading…she does love to read books and hands them to me very eagerly, listening to a page or two before slamming it shut, tossing it aside, and excitedly picking a new book.

8. I can’t resist this baby though.


9. Drove near the birth center where M and baby C were born the other day when M was in the car with me. “M, I always remember meeting tiny you and tiny baby C whenever I drive near that birth center. It makes me so happy. Do you remember when we brought home baby C?”

M: “Yes! That is the day I started hogging the baby.”

M can’t resist her either.