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Updates April 7, 2014

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Baby C turned 15 months old two weeks ago and was toted off to the pediatrician for her checkup. Weight and height in the 75-90% and head in the 90-95%. Molars are coming in. Words, or word like utterances, are appearing—she does a long drawn out “hiiiiiiiii”, says “mum mum mum” and has an all purpose squealed “NA! NA!” which I think means “I want that. That! Now!”. She waves hi, is starting to distinguish the sign for “all done” from the sign for “more”, puts her hands on her head if you say “Humpty Dumpty” (from a song in swimming class), pats her knees if you start in on “Welcome today” (from music class) and can point to her nose. All in all, a fine, healthy baby.

Who isn’t walking.

So, that sucks. Especially when attending said music and swimming lessons when all the other babies, including much younger ones, are walking. Or when someone says they read research that wearing shoes can delay walking (um, thanks, but this baby never wears shoes! I know the (*&@#$ research lady!) as if it were my fault. Plus the worry that not walking means a whole host of things could be wrong with her (which the doctor has never said).

However, she has made leaps and bounds in the last month—pulls up to standing all the time, has stood independently for whole seconds at a time (although not very often…maybe 3 times?), and will walk pushing a cart around the house. So we are going to encourage as much exercise and practice as possible and check in with the doctor again in two weeks or so…and then decide whether to start physical therapy. In our copious free time.

We would really like her to be walking, if only to stop the reckless destruction of shoes and pants that occurs when a baby scoot all around the driveway and sidewalk on warm days.

None of this bothers baby C of course. She is too busy trying to play the piano, sticking her tongue out in concentration, and wiping her hands in her hair.


She has been taking a lot more notice of her sisters, and they in turn are seeking her out and enjoying her a lot more. Doesn’t really help with group photos though.


(Sometimes C is overcome with the need to snuggle in the presence of blankets.)

Big C is reading up a storm, disappearing into the sewing room for hours at a time (although one wishes some of that time was spent cleaning up from projects…) and recently got an email account. These are two projects she sewed recently, in a still life with baby chub.


M is flying through kindergarten, starting to read, showing great enthusiasm for playing piano (if not necessarily practicing piano), and turns 6 in a few hours. Also, if the weather is above about 55 degrees then she is immediately in shorts and a tank top.


I know the latest release says differently, but these kids bring us joy AND fun.


Send some “walking soon” vibes our way. Hopefully I will be back soon with some finished projects (a heavy wool sweater and corduroy pants just in time for spring!), pictures of our new bee hive, and video evidence of a walking baby.


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