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last week April 17, 2014

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Last week M turned 6. I brought popsicles to her classroom after lunch which were a big hit. Only time for a quick dinner and opening a few presents that evening (the Monster High obsession continues…).


Because that night was the science, art, and book fair at school.


M definitely worked on hers independently. We read some books together about volcanoes, and she picked photos from our visit to Volcanoes National Park to illustrate some of the concepts (steam vents, crater, a’a rock). She also drew the illustrations and all the labels (with Sharpie…aaagh) on her own. She can explain why volcanoes occur near the edges of the plates, and that Hawaii is a different kind of volcano formed by a hotspot. We were pretty proud of her work and thought it much better than the seeming hundred of kids who built foaming volcanoes.

Anyway, the next night we went out to dinner (where she wore the crown again…) and opened more presents and then on the weekend she had her birthday party. It was at a trampoline center and the kids were thoroughly sweaty and thirsty after an hour of jumping.

Her “theme” was Rainbow Magic Fairy which is a series of books. Big C and I made rainbow cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles and added fairy toppers, making for a very thematic birthday cupcake which the 5 and 6 year olds largely didn’t notice.


Rainbow Fairy Magic books, rainbow bracelets, rainbow stickers, and rainbow lollipops for all and my work was done. M came home from her party and rode her scooter for another hour or two, so I guess the trampolines were just a warm up for her! All in all, a success. Plus the six year checkup doesn’t include any shots, so happiness all around.

In other news…

Baby C has taken to playing “bib bandit” during meals, as can be seen in the first picture above and better here:



This, in conjunction with her belief that hair is the best place to wipe hands, has led to a big increase in baths as of late.

Last year we planted a bunch of fruit trees, although some are more accurately just fruit trunks.



G is renting a bee hive to encourage tree pollination. Supposedly these bees don’t sting. We’ll see what our fruit output is like (although I suspect we need to mostly be pruning any fruit back until some of our trunks grow branches).



(No baby walking still. Copious baby car scooting around the house, but no walking.)


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  1. Sara in Ohio Says:

    Anna and I were just catching up with your blog. We’ve had our backyard beehive for a year now and I’m the only one who has been stung by our honeybees. We hope that your fruit trees do well this year. Let us know if you have any beekeeping questions. We hope to see you this summer!

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