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Catching up May 12, 2014

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Some things I have sewn…

Geranium top for M (actually was for the Hawaii trip, but wearable hopefully all summer long!). Shown with firecracker pants I made…2 years ago? M says they match because they both “have white”.


Pants and a onesie spruced up to match for baby C. Pants are Big Butt Baby pants by the same pattern designer. Using leftover fabric from M’s piano bag. If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right.


Baby C’ first haircut was this weekend. Most of the family has been sick over the last week but we tried to keep our hacking to a minimum at the child infested kids haircut salon. She refused to sit in the fancy truck chairs so was on my lap. But allowed her hair to be blown dry.

Before…shaggy town.


During….playing with a basket of toys. (Photos by big C)


After…cleaned up cutie!


Eating with baby C continues to be an adventure. For the floor.


She is starting to say “Boo!” and book, and signs for more quite effectively. The other day G was holding and snuggling her and handed her back to me so he could go into the office to work. Baby C burst into tears and turned towards him, frantically signing “more”. Aaawwww.

Mother’s Day happened. I am not sure the restaurant would have us back for brunch again (hey, take 50 minutes to make food for three hungry kids and you pay the price. Oh wait, based on the credit card receipt, we still paid the price). Quick attempts to take some mommy/daughter pictures afterwards were not so successful.


Baby C is transitioning to one nap a day. It is only going so-so, as several of our recurring activities are based around a schedule of two naps. And sometimes she does still take two naps. But this weekend she did one long 3 or so hour nap each day. I admit, I could get used to that. Now if she could go back to sleeping through the night and waking up later than 6 am? That would be heaven.