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December…getting it done December 21, 2014

Filed under: Family,Kids,knitting — bonniep @ 11:19 am

No baking. Except cookies for C’s recital, which she missed due to a bad cold (when the kid comes home from school and takes a 6 hour nap…you don’t wake her up for her recital!) which have made it to a few neighbors.

And this sweater I finished over the fall…it is a lot of sweater. Maybe even too heavy for wearing.


M made a reindeer at “exploring science” night. No matter what the theme, my kids can find the craft table!

M got out the nutcrackers to “play with” and of course baby C wanted in. Maybe a few will last until next season?


But probably not the Clara one that baby C is holding.

Speaking of which a certain “baby” is turning 2 in a few days! What??? We have practiced some present opening and I think she is ready.


We visited a great Santa during brunch at one of our favorite restaurants (Preservation Kitchen) and the one who believes and wasn’t crying was pretty excited to be there. The older one not so much, but she played along. The younger one was carried screaming out of the place. Please forgive her Santa.

I believe the shopping is done and a last few gifts were finished yesterday. Christmas Holiday cards are ordered and should go out shortly. Just one 6 am flight with a 2 year old to manage….Christmas spirits for everyone!


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