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Top Ten? June 28, 2007

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  1. Violent Femmes
  2. REM
  3. Pavement
  4. Cake
  5. Matthew Sweet
  6. Nina Simone
  7. The Beautiful South
  8. Wedding Present
  9. The Replacements (?)
  10. Talking Heads (?)

Been working in my head on my top ten bands/singers. Expect infrequent updates and revisions to the list. I am not saying everything by these bands would be in my top list, just that they have songs that are consistently in my favorites list. I think Violent Femmes debut album might be the most perfect album ever–some of their other stuff is….eh.

What does the list say about me? I think it says…"gave up on keeping current around 1999".

Between John in the Morning’s show on KEXP and my new Zune though I am getting back in the groove and finding some cool new stuff. Nothing to crack the top ten yet though. A little disappointed at the range on the Zune site, I have a whole list of groups I am interested in (Math and Physics Club anyone?) that they don’t seem to offer.

Although, as I type this, I am listening to a 1998 episode of This American Life. What can I say? Old habits die hard.


Two sappy videos for today–a frog and some otters June 19, 2007

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Happy Father’s Day to a Wonderful Daddy June 17, 2007

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G: "When you wake up tomorrow C, it will be Father’s day!"

C: "Oh, we should get you a present daddy…a kitty costume! With ears and whiskers…and a fur coat!"

Hoping all your dreams come true this father’s day G 🙂


I didn’t cheer for you

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As promised, I wrapped up my "training" and entered a 10k this weekend. Now, I have never been a fast runner. My last race was a marathon in 2002. And my training now that I work full time and have a preschooler is pretty…minimal. And I don’t do any running on a treadmill now and never drove my regular course, so I had no idea how fast I have been running. But I really hoped I could break an hour for the 10k. Overcast day, cool, clicked off–woah! 9 minute miles for the first three! For me, this is outstanding. But around mile 5 I slowed down a bit. Did "sprint" for the last .2 k, passing a few people (heh heh). Saw G and C on the sidelines. And check this out:

9:17 pace! So proud! A new personal best! (Looked up my previous 10ks–58:40 in 2001 and 59:54 in 2000)

Afterwards, met up with C and G. C said "you don’t look very happy. I did not cheer for you" and had been crying because a race official asked her not to hang on a rope (the same race official who stood directly between me and G as G was trying to take my picture in the last seconds of the race. Jerk.) G said "Let’s get out of here. I was up too early. I sacrificed to be here. I didn’t want to come, you made me. The only reason I came was to get a picture of you for you to scrap and that jerk stood right in my line of sight. You should be thankful to me!"

Oh. Note to self: plans that involve waking C and G up before 7 are a bad idea.

But later he said "When I saw you round the corner, I was so proud." And we went out for crepes and they both cheered up a bit.

No pictures available right now, and no promises that I will put one up when they are (I tend to be a very red-faced runner).


I’m not crying, it’s just been raining…on my face June 13, 2007

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This looks good! Can’t wait ’til the season ends and I can watch it on DVD. (Link to full show.)



Homophones, the devil’s volleyball June 11, 2007

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(I am pretty sure *none* of my readers, and not just because I don’t have any readers, will get the reference in the title–but a Starbucks gift card to anyone who does! It is very tangentially in keeping with the 80s week theme.)

3.5 year old C was very excited for our trip to Whidbey Island this past weekend.

What little girl wouldn’t be excited about seeing a fairy?? 

A fairy who would take our car over to the island and everything!

Perhaps you see where this is going… 


Heck, let’s make it 80s week! June 7, 2007

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Ah, fond memories of the 11 am – noon hour when home sick from school as a grade-schooler. Who even knew the show was still on? Not any more though–he has retired. Goodbye silver haired devil.